(Relating to stop temporarily the operation of bus system due to Covid-19 pandemic) Our company implements the policy of Department of Transport in Binh Dương province about stopping temporarily the operation of public transportation in order to prevent and restrict the spread of Covid-19 pandemic. Becamex Tokyu Bus Co., Ltd begs to inform the passengers […]



    ANNOUCEMENT  Because the influence of Covid-19 pandemic happen complicatedly throughout the country, Becamex Tokyu Bus Company beg to inform passengers who are using our company‘s bus service regarding the change of bus routes, as follows: Routes 37, 38, 53, 55, 66, 67, 68, 70 will temporarily stop operating from 31/03/2020 until further notice. Routes 51, […]


    (Tiếng Việt) TIỆN LỢI HƠN ! NO SAY HƠN ! với Go ! Go! Shuttle Bus

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